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Sunday, November 30, 2008

=Part 4= The Combined Technique of Gouche & Airbrush

35. Airbrush on a darker color to the top of the wood graining. Add more-red coloring as it gets darker.
36. After the over-all graduation has been added, spray on the shadows of the instruments and finish the floor plane surface.

37. Drawing the furniture. The surface of the musical instrument and the furniture should be made using the same process. The fine details must be left to the very end as they involve very delicate work.

38. Initially natural coloring should be used on the chair

39. The completion of the chairs and tables. A clear grasp of the light direction is necessary in order to add the flow of the shade and highlights and add the presence needed.

40. Drawing the instruments. As three kinds of wooden textures the floor, Hle cembalo and the cello are to be painted here, the tone of the colors should be slightly altered in order to clarify their identity.
41. Putting in the detail. Complete the instruments. As the wooden texture is not yet expressed well here, color adjustment is still needed but the process should be completed by studying the har¬mony of the whole picture.

42. The room is complete except from the human interest items

=to be continued=