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Friday, February 15, 2008


31. Drawing the detached view (no 1). As the rough sketches of the cars are painted in when the road surface is added, the glass of the car windows must be painted in to confirm their positions. Pay attention to the angle of light reflected from the building.
32. Drawing the detached views (no 2). Express the road surface. Draw it in boldly after considering the light and reflection that pierces from the rooms. Deep colors need to be used to form the base of the picture in order to produce the effective existence of the building.
33. Drawing the detached views (no 3). Express the reflection of the pillar. Up and down movements of a sharp brush are needed to add movement to the detached view. Draw in the border line of the road as well. The paints used here are: silver grey (H), light green (T), white (T), burnt sienna (N), sepia (N), cobalt violet (N), yellow ochre (N), blue grey (N), orange (N), yellow grey (H), Prussian blue (H), and warn sepia (N).

34. Drawing the detached view. Cars play the role of indicating the scale of the building and provide a liveliness to the picture as they are moving objects. The most effective colors in contrast to the building should be chosen for the cars. They should be drawn slightly smaller with a metallic effect, but with a warmth inside.

35. The completion of the cars.

36. Complete the picture with the use of the airbrush. Spray on the pillar brackets, the search lights and headlights of the cars with the aid of a piece of card board as masking. The beams of light are painted in white with a touch of yellow.
37. Checking. The final check should include an overall scrutinity to ensure nothing has been left out. It is at this time that the alterations are also made.

38. Drawing the people. The depth of the picture is produced by the overlapping people. Draw then in an ad-lib style to express the atmosphere and movement. The degree of coloring should be dropped slightly if the people are featured before light.
39. The completion of the detached view and the people.

40. Completion

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Me said...

Wow! This is awesome! It almost looks like photograph. Great job and thanks for sharing the detailed techniques!